Mind if I share something with you?

Look what I just won on Ebay. This is the complete Elric of Melnibone saga. The first complete series anyway, starting at Elric of Melnibone and ending with Stormbringer. This set consists of the DAW reissues from 1977, and they look to be in amazing condition. 



Little background about me and these books: I don’t care too much for fantasy literature. Moorcock’s Elric books are some of the only sword and sorcery novels I’ve enjoyed other than Tolkien’s works. Something about that tall, gaunt figure with his massive black blade has always struck me as cool as hell. Thanks to one of my aunts and my late grandmother on my mom’s side, I had everything Moorcock ever published about Elric, and then, in 2004, Hurricane Ivan flooded the storage shed in which I had them stored. I lost all of them. Every single one. Scoring this set is a dream come true, and I wanted to share it with you. I will take better photos when I actually receive them. The picture above is the photo from the auction’s listing.


I only have three more books to buy and I will have completely rebuilt my mother’s book collection from before Hurricane Opal, which destroyed just about every hardcover she’d collected from around 1970 to 1995. I started rebuilding the collection in 2001, but in 2004 Hurricane Ivan set me back again, leaving me with only 22 of the first edition hardcovers out of the original 450. Everything I own is now as weather-proof as I can possibly make it. Anything of real value anyway.


In case you’re wondering what three books I’m looking for, they are as followed:


This version of Ghost Story, by Peter Straub (First Edition Hardcover)



This version of Twilight Eyes, by Dean R. Koontz (First Illustrated Edition)



And this version of Dune, by Frank Herbert (First Edition with Sandy Mountain artwork and map on rear of dustjacket; this book is worth over $2,000)



Anyway, thanks for letting me share with you.


*hugs and high fives*







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    1. Two different storms ten years apart. For a while there, I didn’t think I was going to be able to keep even a minor collection. It definitely sucked!

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