Dastardly Bastard (Signed Limited Edition Hardcover) two copies now available!

I recently sent out email invitations to readers for the newest book in my Signature Series, Dastardly Bastard. This extremely limited offer was approved by Red Adept Publishing, who controls the publishing rights on the book until 2018. Two people have passed on the offer, so here’s your chance if you want one. 


If you are interested, the book is $50 with free shipping to the US, or $80 for international orders to cover the cost of mailing overseas. Each book is signed and numbered, and will arrive on your doorstep on or before 09/01/2015. Email me at edwardlorn@gmail.com for purchasing information. 


Life After Dane, the final book in this series, will be revealed in the next month. 


Here’s the design.





*hugs and high fives*



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3 thoughts on “Dastardly Bastard (Signed Limited Edition Hardcover) two copies now available!

  1. Beautiful cover design, man! I love it! I’d love to own a copy, but I’m afraid it’s out of our budget. I hardly ever get new books anymore..

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