Drunken Fireworks Review


Drunken Fireworks - Stephen King, Tim Sample

“Drunken Fireworks” will be available in print in November when The Bazaar of Bad Dreams releases. Until then, we have this audiobook version narrated by Tim Sample. Oh, did I mention this came out today. Because it did. HAPPY STEPHEN KING RELEASE DAY!

I’m not sure this story will be as good in writing as it is as an audiobook, but I wanna believe it will be. Part of the fun I had was listening to Sample’s hilarious delivery and character acting. I found myself laughing out loud more than once, and fully enjoyed the experience. I miss living in Maine. I really do.

That being said (I hate when I feel I must do this), this is not horror. I like the fact that it wasn’t horror. I actually prefer literary King to horror King, and that’s saying something, considering King is my favorite horror author. He’s simply a better writer when he’s not trying to explain his monsters.

“Drunken Fireworks” sees Uncle Stevie returning to Castle County to have a bit of fun with two warring families who try to oneup each other every July 4. Shenanigans ensue and laughs are had. Disaster even rears its ugly head by the end, but the story is never truly dark. It’s light hearted and, I believe, intended to make you walk away with a smile on your face. The story was a bright, refreshing change of pace. Like a glass of ice water after a night of imbibing.

In summation: Tim Sample’s narration is awesome. Big fun with a New England accent. Ayuh, I’d recommend it.

Final Judgment: Drunks and fireworks mix beautifully.

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