Craig Saunders had me over for a chat

One of my favorite people, Craig Saunders, invited me over for a discussion. His questions were damn fun to answer. Believe me when I say that this isn’t your normal interview. 


If you’ve ever been curious about how I read and write as much as I do, whether or not I know how to kill another human being with a banana, or if I’ve ever eaten fermented shark, the answers are HERE!


For those of you bothered by naughty words, this interview has some. Reader discretion is advised, and all that.


Share if you like. I’ve no problem with it.


*hugs and high fives*





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5 thoughts on “Craig Saunders had me over for a chat

  1. I have said this before, but you never cease to crack me up, brother! And your heart and passion (both professionally and personally) are on full display. Bar none, one of the best interviews I’ve ever read!

  2. Imagine it as a job. Imagine getting up everyday and going to work. But your job is to read and write. If you do not go, you don’t get paid. If you don’t get paid, your family suffers. When you allow yourself to think of your passion as your job, you will always find time for it.

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