DNF @ 100 pages


Every Dead Thing - John Connolly

Can anybody tell me exactly what “Oriental laughter” is? It came issuing from a vent at one point in this book and I’m still trying to figure out what exactly that would sound like. 


Anyway, I gave this book 100 pages. That’s 50 pages more than I normally give a new-to-me author.


Mark this one down as Not For Me. 

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9 thoughts on “DNF @ 100 pages

      1. Sounds like a plan, man. And I must say, your used bookstore has great deals. Not so here. I refuse to buy used paperbacks for three-five bucks…unless they’r relatively new and in good condition. Anyway, I really hope “A Killing Kind” treats you much better!

  1. The last time I spent more than a buck on a paperback was about four months ago when I bought A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY brand new. I do get quite lucky around here. Sadly it’s because I live in Alabama, and most of these people don’t read.

    1. That’s very sad, indeed. Our library has an on-going book sale that sells all paperbacks for a buck and hardcovers for two, but the selection is limited. The Goodwill is the best place that I’ve found around here for books, though.

      1. Hmm, it’s been an awfully long time since I was there, but a couple months ago my wife picked up a hardcover and paperback for only a couple bucks each, I believe. I need to drop by there again soon.:) If memory serves me correctly, the last time I was there, paperbacks were under a dollar each.

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