Randomized Randomocity #175

Thanks to Duolingo…


Jag talar inte svenska.


But… (sorry don’t know the word for “but” yet)


Jag läser svenska.


That is probably horribly wrong and Swedish people everywhere are laughing, but I’m trying. Soon, I will need someone fluent in svenska to talk to on Skype. I don’t need a teacher, just someone to chat with.


Lemme know if you’re interested, snälla. Tack!


(How badly did I do, Mad and/or Thomas?)



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7 thoughts on “Randomized Randomocity #175

      1. Thank you. I will certainly keep that in mind. And actually, I’ve been curious about learning German (a glutton for punishment, I know,) for many years. It’s a part of who I am. My last name is German, after all. Is the Duolingo app on the i-phone, Kindle, or what? No worries, I know you’d never endorse a product for the money. You have more integrity than that!

  1. First off Edward, I’m truly impressed! Of course I’d be happy to help, just say when! Both sentences are perfectly fine (you even nailed the non-capitalization of the name for a language!), A few comments:

    Jag talar inte svenska. “Tala” (= speak) is very much replaced in everyday speech with “prata”, so, even though this sentence is correct, it would sound a bit formal, you are more likely to hear “Jag pratar inte svenska”.

    But… (sorry don’t know the word for “but” yet) “Men”, pronounced the way you would, actually!

    Jag läser svenska. Again, correct. It may be interpreted as “I’m reading Swedish ‘right now’, however, and a more general phrase would be “Jag kan läsa svenska” (“I know how/am able to read Swedish”).

    Wow, now I must think about what book to send you, that may take a while 🙂

    1. Awesome. Thanks for the help, Thomas. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to chat. I learned French in school, can even still read it, but I lost the ability to speak it because I haven’t used it in over a decade.

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