Randomized Randomocity #176

Assignment to Disaster - Edward S. Aarons

I recently read #13 in Edward S. Aarons’s Sam Durell series of espionage novels, Assignment Lowlands. I have #15, too, Assignment Ankara, so I thought I would look up the rest of the series. Maybe see if I could find #1 and work my way up from there.




48 novels.


48 novels in this shitting series. 




My OCD can’t handle that. If I were to start at #1, I’d go broke trying to find the rest of them. Oh well. Moving on.


Is there any series out there you guys have decided not to read because there were too many books, or am I alone on this? Hit me up in the comment section.

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9 thoughts on “Randomized Randomocity #176

  1. Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series use to intimidate me. But then I participated in a book blog read along of it. I think that is the only way I got through it.

    1. The sheer size or length of The Wheel of Time didn’t intimidate me. (I love a good epic story!) However, by the time I got about halfway through the fourth book, I couldn’t do it anyway. It became too tedious and juvenile to me, at times. I am curious as to how Brandon Sanderson ended it,though.:)

      1. The ending was done well and matched what Jordan had started. I won’t say it’s my favorite epic fantasy (probably 10th on the list) but it is a touchstone for SFF fans, so I am glad I finished it.

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