Book Haul (9/30/2015) with special guest star Tiny Vader

Quarter-Book Day at my local thrift shop and I made out like a bandit. I felt bad. I really did. I mean, shit, I found Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke for a damn quarter. Did I put any of this stuff back so I could return when they were full price? Nossir and no ma’am. Why? Because these books wouldn’t have been there tomorrow, that’s why. Anyballs, this is what I scored. The Irving’s and the Palahniuk alone were worth the price of all these four times over. 


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Tiny Vader and I wish you all a pleasant day. 


*hugs and high fives*



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9 thoughts on “Book Haul (9/30/2015) with special guest star Tiny Vader

    1. It’s the thrift store I found, dude. It’s nuts. All the books are donated, and no one around here reads, so most of the books are brand new and everything is fifty cents, unless it’s Wednesday, which is half off.

      1. That is AWESOME!! And at the same time very sad that practically no one in Alabama reads.. Speaking of which, is the whole illiteracy in the South true or an exaggeration? I’ve always been curious about how accurate this is..

  1. It’s true. I know three people within ten miles of me who are illiterate. Not to mention the Learn to Read classes at the community center has to turn people away because the demand for that service is so high.

    These people still believe that the rebel flag is something to be proud of, and become violent when you try to explain to them why it’s not. Because most of them have no reading comprehension skills or are completely illiterate, there’s no teaching them otherwise. All their information is passed down through the generations. Gram-Grams says reading is for rich folk what wanna go to Harvards.

    1. This is all very sad to me, man… There is obviously a desire to learn to read, so it’s not complete apathy, I just wish something more could be done. Do they take donations that could hire more people or expand the community center?

      1. The problem is finding skilled people who are willing to teach. Those people are very few and far between in the south. Those talented people move to more progressive states for lucrative careers.

        And yes, the demand is there, but not until later in life. It’s not until the prom queen and the quarterback graduate and flip burgers for the next ten years that they realize that they’re going nowhere with their lives, or the teen parents wait until their babies are grown and move out before they go back to school themselves.

        Also, they pride themselves on being uneducated. When I was in high school in Mobile, I was constantly picked on for my love of reading.

      2. That makes perfect sense. These are all great and valid points, thank you for enlightening me. 🙂 One should never take pride in being uneducated. To me, that sounds like taking ignorance to a whole other level and that’s so sad to me. My heart breaks knowing you were picked on in HIGH SCHOOL, simply for following your passion… 😦

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