DNF @ Page 2

Ashley Bell: A Novel - Dean Koontz

Nope. Nope. Nopenopenopenopenopenope!


I’m stopping now. I made it to page two before he mentioned a golden retriever. I assume everything else is going to be Koontz repeating himself, so I’m not going to upset myself further. Life is too short to read the same shit over and over again. I’m done. This is me saying I’m done with Koontz. Don’t send me anymore review copies, not even if I ask for them. 


Thank you to publisher for the review copy, but no. Nope.


In summation: NOPE.


Final Judgment: N to the O to the P to the E. What’s that spell? NOPE! 


Don’t you hate it when people repeat themselves?

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2 thoughts on “DNF @ Page 2

  1. Uggh! I’m so sick of Koontz repeating himself, too. I don’t blame you at all! I enjoyed most of his older, classic work, but I haven’t read a new Koontz since the colossal disappointment that is his Frankenstein trilogy (which has since been expanded..)

  2. fuonlyknew

    So this book has fleas? LOL
    I’m getting ready to start it now. Koontz is one of my favorite authors and I’m hoping there will be a surprise in this one. I’ll let you know.

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