Ruminating On: Consent Classes

Okay, so some guy came out against Consent Classes. He says he does not need anti-rape classes because he’s not a rapist, not all men are rapists, and rapists will likely not attend these classes.

I have this to say.

I know what consent means and what NOΒ means. I understand that as soon as a woman says NO, I am no longer allowed to push any further, even if I’m currently having sex with her. Minds and situations can change at the drop of a hat, and I should respect that.

That being said, I know damn well there are loads of guys who do not understand consent. Saying that Consent Classes are pointless is kinda like saying, “I know how to read. Why should we teach others how to read?”

The guy speaking out about this is an ivy-league moron. They exist. In fact, you’ll find just as many ivy-league morons as you’ll find everyday morons. Intelligence is not awarded to rich people at birth. Status is.

Some guys need to be told what NO means. Some guys are entitled douchebags who think NO only means NO before the act and not during. Consent, unfortunately, is not common sense. It should be taught.

I stand in support of Consent Classes, and feel they should be taught from Junior High on up.

Take care of one another.

*hugs and high fives*


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3 thoughts on “Ruminating On: Consent Classes

  1. Keep your Eye on the Donut

    Very true. I think classes on rape are needed, covering aspects like consent or how to defend yourself. But I also think it’s important these classes are gender neutral. Women need education on consent as much as men do and men should also be taught how to defend themselves. Reading classes aren’t gender specific either after all.
    Do you know whether the class you talked about was specifically for men? Maybe the guy was upset because of that…(or maybe he’s an idiot..)

    1. The classes are gender neutral, but are only available at Oxford and one other school.

      I most definitely agree on all your additional points. Thanks for commenting.

  2. You have the nail on head, as usual, Ed! Thank you for speaking out on such an important issue.:) I couldn’t agree more that additional Consent Classes are needed, from junior high on up. It saddens me that this stuff needs to be taught, but a lot of people lack common sense… NO means NO, people.

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