I Love My Friends Part 2!

My good friend and resident Booklikes Dinobot, Grim ♥ Black Bolt, sent me two books recently. She saw my post about the shitty condition of The Ecstatic that I received from Amazon and had an extra copy laying around, so she mailed me it along with a signed copy of one of my favorite Palahniuk books.


I’ve known Grim for going on two years now. She’s one of the most unique people I’ve ever met and one of those rare all-around good souls who finds joy in seeing others happy.


I’m glad to know you, Grim. I will cherish these. 


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One thought on “I Love My Friends Part 2!

  1. Ed, I’m so happy for you!! The books are BEAUTIFUL! And Grim, you are truly amazing! The world needs more generous, compassionate and down-to-earth souls such as yourself.:)

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