Pre-Release Request

The Naughty List - Edward Lorn

Beginning December 20, 2015, both this book and its brand new sequel, “Deck the Halls”, will be free on These stories are only available one week out of the year. To make sure this year’s gifting goes as planned, I will be uploading both books to Amazon after midnight tonight.

“The Naughty List” and “Deck the Halls” are intended as gifts. So, if you happen upon them for sale, please do not purchase them. Wait until they’re free. I know there are some of you who plan to buy them to support me, but I’d prefer if you didn’t. I’d much rather you buy someone else a book. Or a pair bookends from the dollar store. Or a cheeseburger. Or, you know, whatever else you can get for two bucks.

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  1. I love your compassion and thoughtfulness, man! I always have, and this is a prime example. Not many authors would do this, and because of it, my respect and admiration for you has grown. Thank you for being YOU!

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