Don’t be a Dick (Audible Edition)

Please read. If you want to read/listen to my work but cannot afford to, ask me for a copy. I’ll gladly gift you a copy if you can’t afford it. At least that way, my narrator gets paid. Thank you.


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3 thoughts on “Don’t be a Dick (Audible Edition)

  1. I think this is really messed up, too, and I am sorry that your narrator is getting screwed over. 😦 Is it possible that the average consumer doesn’t think about said narrator (or any narrator, for that matter,) losing their time and money to do them? All they’re most likely thinking about is the fact that they didn’t enjoy the story, and given the return option, it’s only natural that they would do that.
    Having said, I would love to support Kevin and yourself, but I’m not sure that audio books are for me…

    1. This isn’t a quality issue. This is someone who bought every issue of Cruelty (ten separate purchases) and then asked for a refund after each one. If they hated the first two or three episodes, why continue through to the tenth? There is no reason other than someone trying to game the system.

      Anywho, yeah, audiobooks aren’t for everyone. Thanks for the support, Dustin.

      1. Yeah, that makes absolutely no sense, man. They probably didn’t even listen to one episode, let alone ten. I don’t understand humanity..

        You’re very welcome. You’ll always have my support. I haven’t given up on audio books. Actually, I’ve given the IT audio quite a bit of thought lately, after hearing several strong recommendations over the years..

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