I’m looking for another beta read of my new novella FAIRY LIGHTS. I need brutal honesty and someone who knows the ins and outs of track changes in Word. I don’t care about errors, those are for editing professionals to figure out. I’ve taken measures to make sure the manuscript is clean, but there will be typos here and there. I need your opinion on the story and I need it back before April 15 (the earlier the better, please) so that I can fix anything you point out before my deadline on May 1. 


The piece is 35,000 words (a little over 120 manuscript pages) and includes extreme violence, blood, gore, rape (not of women), monsters, fairies, social commentary, and filthy, nasty, immature, offensive, and foul language. Everything I listed serves the story in some way, and is not there simply for shock value.


More than one person will be considered if I feel it necessary, so please respond even if you think you’ve missed your chance.


Ya dig? Message me if you’re down. Thanks, and love yo faces.


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