Death Wish Coffee Review and Final Judgment


Death Wish Coffee: Final Judgment

My Death Wish Coffee arrived on May 25. It lasted until today, June 11. I followed the directions on the bag, but did not tweak the recipe, as they suggested I could on the packaging. I drank it the way they wanted me to drink it. The same amount of Maxwell House coffee lasts me twice as long. But Death Wish is stronger, right? Well, yes and no.

First off, I’m not impressed with the flavor of Death House. The coffee tastes like licking an ashtray and smells like used kitty litter, but for the first two days the clarity of mind and energy I achieved seemed worth the disgusting aftertaste and disconcerting aroma.

By day three, though, all that changed. I only drink coffee in the AM, while writing. I drink water throughout the day after that. On day three of my Death Wish Coffee trial, I started getting headaches in the afternoon, an obvious side effect of not having the insane amount of caffeine my body was becoming used to. No biggie. Caffeine headaches are manageable. I know all about how to be a functioning junkie. But then I started to see a serious decrease in that clarity and energy I’d been blessed with the first two days. By day five, it was like drinking any other coffee. Still tasted like a garbage fire, but I was no longer getting the kick I once had.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Of course all this happened. Over time your body will build up a tolerance for anything. But I didn’t have this problem with my regular medium roast Maxwell’s House. I’ve been drinking that for over a year now and it still gives me the wake up I want without the caffeine headaches later in the day. And 48 ounces of Maxwell House only costs me $8 while 16 ounces of Death Wish costs me $18. And, when following the instructions on the packaging for both brews, the Maxwell House lasts ten times longer.

You do the math. Try it yourself if you want. But my final judgment is that Death Wish Coffee isn’t worth it. Fun novelty packaging, but that’s about it.