Marked in Ink Review

Marked in Ink: A Tattoo Coloring Book - Megan Massacre

Usually the only time I can find tattooed chicks and coloring books in the same place is when my meds wear off and I am committed to the state psychiatric facility go on vacation to parts unknown. I don’t watch the reality show NY Ink, nor have I heard of America’s Worst Tattoos, so I have no idea who Megan Massacre is, other than her parents gave her a wicked sweet name, yo. I did watch one or two episodes of that one tattoo show with with that chick that banged Jesse James (the biker who cheated on Sandra Bullock, not the train robber) while wearing a Nazi helmet. What’s her name? Cat van Gonerrhea? Kitty von Chlamydia? Nazi vin Fuckstick?

(Great, now if my wife looks at my history, she’s going to see that I Googled “Chlomedia” because I didn’t know how to spell “Chlamydia.” Wonderfail…)

It’s no secret that I like to color. Well, I like to paint, and that’s really the same thing, innit? It is now, because I said so. Anyway, I like adding color to things that lack color. Like toilet water. But I wasn’t too thrilled with this one. Why? Well, I guess I’d have to say that, to me, the pictures were rather boring. I’ve flipped through dozens of adult coloring books and I think this is the most boring one I’ve come across. I don’t know if you have to be a fan of Megan Massacre to “get” these images, but I can’t see the draw of them.

I do, however, like the fact that the opposite side of each sheet is blank. So, if I ever do color any of these, which I doubt I will, I’d be able to rip it out and post it on the wall next to my Howard the Duck poster and my plaque for Bestest Cookbook Reviewer in All of Goodreads and Forever. But being able to tear out these pictures ends up being useless because I just don’t give enough of a fuck for the images to actually color them.

In summation: If you like Dia de la Muerta skulls and pixies and sharp objects, this is the coloring book for you. If you like reality shows about tattoo artists (NY Ink) and people who make bad decisions when choosing tattoos (America’s Worst Tattoos), you might dig coloring and ripping out these pages. But I can think of over a dozen coloring books with better designs, so this one only gets an “okay” from this reviewer.

By the way, thanks to Crown Publishing for the review copy. This one just wasn’t for me, kids.

Final Judgment: Not my style.

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