My Semi-Fictional Life #1 (Introduction)

Hello, everybody, and welcome to the first in a new year-long series entitled “My Semi-Fictional Life”. For those of you who don’t know, my name is Edward Lorn and I’m an author. To date, I’ve written and published five novels (Bay’s End, Dastardly Bastard, Life after Dane, Crueltyand Pennies for the Damned), two novellas (Hope for the Wicked and Fog Warning), and three short story collections (What the Dark Brings, Other & Oddities, and Word). Some of these are currently not available due to rights reversions and image re-branding, but there are still quite a few left up on my author page.

Now for a little Q&A.

What can we expect from this new blog series?

The easy answer to this is, some of everything. I plan to blog every day for the next year. These blogs will be personal stories, short fiction, reviews, news, and other miscellaneous stuffs.

What’s with the title?

Some posts will be true stories. Some will be fiction. So “Semi-Fictional” seemed accurate. No worries. I will let you know when I’m lying to you.

Why should we care?

That’s a damn good question, Fictional Interviewer. I don’t expect many people to care. But there are a few of you who will. The main thing is, there are some big changes happening in my life in the near future and I want to document everything so that I might be able to look back on this amazing time and smile. I’d like for you all to be able to join me on this journey, so I’m doing it publicly.

What big things are on the horizon?

I am not allowed to talk about several things right now, but you should expect plenty of new books and stories and, if I may say so, rather cool projects. Over the course of the next month, my brand (Edward Lorn) will be going through a re-imagining, if you will. I will be transitioning from an indie horror author to something more… Well, let’s just leave it at that. “Something more” sounds good to me.

What’s with all the secretive nonsense?

Contractual obligations. I can’t talk about certain things because either the ink isn’t dry or it’s not my place to announce the project. Trust me, though, you will know soon enough.

Is there anything you can tell us about?

Sure. You will finally be able to purchase all of my novels in paperback for a decent price, between $7.99 and $13.99. If you have Amazon Prime, they will ship for free. You can expect two new novels from me next year, a novella collection, and at least one more book in the Edward Lorn Signature Series. Everything after that will be through publishers.

Will we ever see the final A Decade with King post you’ve been promising us?




What else?

Nothing more for right now. I promised myself I’d keep these posts to under 500 words, and I plan on sticking to that plan.

Until next tomorrow,

E. (10/03/2016)