My Semi-Fictional Life #2 (Museum Outing)

Hello, everybody. Today, my wife and kids and I went to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. While we were there, we visited the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (@MMFA) in Montgomery, Alabama. Living in the south, we take every advantage when the weather decides to start cooling off. Everyone had a blast, and I thought I’d share a few pictures with you. We were there for almost an hour and I took numerous pics, but these are my favorites.

First, this exhibit is made entirely out of old clothing.

clothing forest.jpg

The clothing exhibit won’t be open until Friday, but we got a sneak peak thanks to a second-floor balcony.

This next painting in person looks like a flat screen television. It was one of my favorite things I saw.

flat screen.jpg


This next painting was a pain to get a photo of because my camera didn’t know where to focus.I think it thought the hand was another face. Anyway, this is the best shot I could get. I thought this piece was especially relevant, given all the clown sightings as of late.

clown painting.jpg

But the coolest thing on display was this amazing kimono made entirely out of glass. It being headless was a mite disturbing, but that’s why it was my favorite piece of the day.

gladd kimono.jpg

Many thanks to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts for allowing us to take pictures.

See you tomorrow,