My Semi-Fictional Life #3 (New Books)

Hello, you lovely so-and-sos. Great news. I sold a book. Contract is signed. I’m stupid-happy with the stipulations. I maintained some important rights, like audio and film. Keeping those is always a good day.

I want to divulge more but I’ve not heard from the publisher as to when I can spill the beans. I would hazard a guess that you’ll know more very soon…

What can I say? Well, the piece is more straight horror than I’ve done in the past, with a little social commentary sprinkled in. Gorehounds should get a kick out of this one, as well as you readers who like more than just splatter work in your horror fiction. I hope it makes you think. If not, there’s always the blood and guts to fall back on.

Also, it’s a creature-feature, which some of you have been asking for. See, I listen. *smooches*

What’s next? Well, aside from the one mentioned above, I have one more book to announce once I get the okay from the publisher.  Then there’s Slasher: Live, my Running-Man-meets-Friday-the-13th novel, which is currently going through beta reads and rewrites. So much good stuff on the way. You excited? ‘Cause I’m excited.

For the limited-edition crowd, there’s a limited coming in December, but not through me. Shush! Super secret stuff must remain super secret! I’m also currently working on an omnibus of my short fiction that will be released in a signed/numbered limited edition hardcover. That one is called All Told: Five Years of Horror.

Man, it’s been a good day. *walks away whistling*


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