My Semi-Fictional Life #5 (October Reads)

After two days straight of talking about my own books, I feel it’s time to talk about other people’s books. I’ve linked each book to its spot on Goodreads so that you can add these books to your TBR with ease. Here are my Top Five October Reads in ascending order, starting with…

#5. The Orangefield Series, by Al Sarrantonio. All three books are worth a read, but my personal favorite is the first one, Horrorween. Last I checked, the entire series was only $0.99 on Check it out HERE.

#4. 20th Century Ghosts, by Joe Hill. My favorite tales in here are “Pop Art”, “Best New Horror”, and “You Will Hear the Locust Sing”, but I’m sure you’ll find your own personal favorites. The entire collection is terrific. Perfect tales for autumn nights. I highly recommend the audiobook, narrated by David LeDoux. You can find it HERE.

#3. Pet Semetery, by Stephen King. This one is in my Top Five Stephen King reads, but it makes this list as well. Something about this book and its film adaptation fit October perfectly. You can feel the chill in the air and the smell the woodsmoke and see the leaves changing while Louis Creed and family face unimaginable horrors.

#2. Night in the Lonesome October, by Richard Laymon, is not only one of my favorite Laymon novels but it involves my favorite month of the year. While many might prefer his coming-of-age novel The Travelling Vampire Show, I pick the former up in October. But, by all means, read them both if you have the time.

#1. This one is a tie between Ray Bradbury books. Something Wicked This Way Comes and The Halloween Tree. My family and I read, listen or watch The Halloween Tree every single year. One of the reasons for this is its length. It can easily be read in a handful of sittings, or listened to in one sitting, thanks to Bronson Pinchot’s terrific reading of the audiobook, which you can find HERE. But, if you prefer novels over novellas, by all means, grab Something Wicked This Way Comes. They are both terrific October reads.

What are some of your own favorite October reads? Feel free to leave a list in the comments section below.

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