My Semi-Fictional Life #7 (Fathers of Boys)

By now, you’ve heard the latest comments from the republican candidate and all of the excuses or backpedaling from his side of the fence. I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to try and change the mindset that has led many to believe that the things he said are “just the way men talk”. So below I have listed several things fathers of boys need to make very clear to our sons.

A woman is not a conquest. Sex is between you and the person/people you’re having sex with. No one else. Braggarts are and will always be suspect.

A woman is not an object. She’s not a piece of ass. She is a person. That should be enough.

Unwanted touching or conversation is never okay. No means no. End of discussion. If she is not conscious to give you consent, this is the same thing as her saying no.

Women are not to be catcalled. They do not appreciate men who loudly boast what we would do to them if given the chance. This is creepy. Do not do it.

No one “hits like a girl” or “screams like a bitch”. There are plenty of weak men in the world. Likewise, Daniel Stern of Home Alone fame screams pretty damn high, as have other men throughout history.

Your default setting is not “Rapist” so do not act like it. Don’t lurk. Don’t hover. Don’t follow. If she’s not interested, go away. It’s really that simple.

Your inaction is your acceptance. If someone goes against anything list above and you do not tell them that what they are saying or doing is not cool, you are not in the clear. If something happens and you do not try and stop it, you are also at fault. We must state loud and clear that this behavior is unacceptable. Because this “that’s just how guys talk” stuff doesn’t gel with me. It’s not okay. It is not acceptable. We can do better.

I invite anyone, male or female, to add to this list in the comments section.

Take care of yourselves and I’ll see you tomorrow,