My Semi-Fictional Life #8 (A Review)

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Whom the Gods Would Destroy Review

“I tried to believe that my place in the world remained unchanged—or at least unchanged until further notice—and that I still had contributions to make that would help the world know itself and its place in the cosmos a little better, even though all the evidence showed that most people were content to muddle through each day in willful ignorance, choosing to believe in a god that took sides in the Super Bowl and a devil who’d hidden dinosaur bones in 6000-year-old rocks to test the faithful.”

Hot damn, this book.

Brian Hodge first hit my radar when I scored a short story collection from my local thrift store entitled Alone on the Darkside: Echoes From Shadows of Horror. Hodge’s story is the first in the collection, a little ditty called “And Our Turn Too Will One Day Come”. After reading the story I knew I had to look him up. This dude has skills. I dig how he develops characters, and his dialogue is on point. Nothing spoils a book quicker that shitty banter. Luckily, Hodge knows what he’s doing.

Did the science go over my head? Yeah. I’m not an astrologist, and I always scored higher in English and literature than I did science, but I never felt like an idiot while reading this like, say, when I read The Martian. Thanks, Brian, for not making me feel like a troglodyte. *smooches*

One of the standouts of this book is the emotional quality of the writing. Several passages hit home for me, as I had a very rocky relationship with one of my parents. The constant worry that you’re turning out just like the crap parent is real, and Hodge conveyed those emotions through his protagonist perfectly.

“Sometimes we sleep because we want to, sometimes because we need it, and sometimes we sleep in self-defense.”

In summation: My one and only complaint is that it wasn’t longer. It was not too short, nor do I think it could have gone on longer, I simply wish there was a way that there could have been more. I guess I’m just going to have to find the rest of Hodge’s back catalog and read those instead.

Final Judgment: I want a copy for my shelf.

See that Final Judgment? Notice how I said I’d like a copy for my shelf? Well, my buddy Bill was gracious enough to actually send me a copy. Being the main source of income for my family, I don’t get many gifts. The ones I do get, I have to buy myself. So this gift from Bill meant that much more to me. Thank you so much, my friend.

Without further ado, I leave you with the…

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