My Semi-Fictional Life #14 (Book Giveaway!)


Happy Birthday to The End! Five years ago today, I created this sleepy little town, a town that keeps secrets better than any other. It all started HERE! The town pops up in all of my fiction in some way or another. Even when the connection isn’t obvious, be it novel, novella, novelette, or short, the story somehow leads back to The End. I promise.

Bay’s End is by far my most well-received piece. I’ve been hard on it in the past, but I’ve come to the realization that the book is no longer mine. It’s yours. The fans. Thank you for showing this book so much love.


Go to this book’s MAIN PAGEΒ and scroll down to the giveaway. The promotion is good for one doodled-in paperback of the first revamped copy in my new Minimalist-Cover Series. The book will also be a signed one of a kind. Other versions may be printed, but no one will ever own another Doodled Version.

Thank you for all your support over the years. I wouldn’t be here without you fine folks here on Goodreads. Much love.

Oh, this is only the beginning of the giveaways. I plan to give out one Doodled Version of each of these new paperbacks every two months.

Take care of each other.


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