My Semi-Fictional Life #19 (New Paperbacks for Sale! CHEAP!)

Hello, you considerate consuming consumers! I have good news. All of my novels and collections are now in paperback.

I will not be shipping these to you. The printer (Createspace) will be in charge of that. This is how it works: You order from me, I order from them, and then they ship directly to you. Because of this, I can offer all of my books for under $10 apiece, shipping and tracking and insurance included. Yes, even Cruelty‘s thick ass.

You will be able to find these in the Store Page of this website, or on this post, in case you want to share it. Here’s the price list of each book with a special deal at the end for buyers who want the whole collection at a steep discount:

Bay’s End – $8.00


Dastardly Bastard (Only available in print) – $8.00


What the Dark Brings – $8.00


Life After Dane – $8.00


Others & Oddities – $8.00


Cruelty – $10.00


The Edward Lorn Collection – $40.00


My apologies, but the Edward Lorn Collection does not come with any fancy slipcase as of yet. What you get is all six books listed above at a considerable discount.

If you would like any of these books signed, that is not a problem. It will, however, be $3.00 more per book, or $10 more if you buy the collection. You’re not buying my autograph, you’re paying for the extra shipping to me then you instead of only paying for shipping to you. If you do want the signature option, you must email me at the email at

Thank you for your support, and I’ll see you tomorrow.




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    1. Not only that, but the damn prices won’t update on all of the books on Amazon. I marked down Bay’s End to $8.99 a month ago and the damn thing is still $12.99.

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