My Semi-Fictional Life #22 (Ash)

Hello, fellow animal lovers, today I want to talk about my dog. His name’s Ash and he’s a golden/pitbull mix. We think. Not a hundred percent sure. So if any of you lovely dog experts wanna chime in, feel free to. There’ll be a picture of him at the end of this post.

Ash is a big softy, our little mane-less lion. He’ll grab you by the hand with his mouth and lead you around the house. He’ll call out “Mama” when he wants my wife to take him for a walk. He pouts when he doesn’t get his way. Lip out and everything. He prefers sleeping with my son but will settle or my daughter. He’s just an all around good dude who happens to think he’s human.

Ash came from a pit-mix my sister rescued off the streets. The pit-mix (Peggy Sue) was pregnant when my sister came across her, and Ash was one of six pups. His sister, Cindy (originally Cinder… get it? Ash and Cinder? … I’ll stop), stayed with us for about three weeks until she started kicking Ash’s ass on the reg, so my mother adopted her. Then Coal came along, a big black lab/pitbull mix. We lost Coal earlier in the year, though, to stomach problems. Now Ash is all alone. But, if you ask me, I think he prefers being the only one of his kind in our house–a furry human with a tail.

I told you all that to tell you this.

Tonight, I cut my hair, but before I shaved it all off, I clipped the top and left the sides. Basically, I gave myself a Homer Simpson. I came out of the bathroom to show off my new do, looking like a completely different guy, and Ash wasn’t having any of it. Who was this stranger who had infiltrated his home? What villainous villain had sneaked past him in the dead of night? Who was this dastardly bastard with the horrible haircut???

Ash started barking and growling and even rushed me. I guess he caught a whiff of who I was about two feet away from me, because he came to a sliding stop, nails scratching at the tile in the kitchen, his head cocked to the side, wondering what fresh hell had become of his daddy. I let him smell my hand. He licked it. Then proceeded to lick everyone else in the house. I mean, he had to let them know everything was all right. Right?

So that’s my boy, Ash. Do you have any pets? Tell me about them.

See you tomorrow,


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