My Semi-Fictional Life #23 (Cooking)

Hello, my culinary-minded cuisinartists. Today we’re going to be talking about something near and dear to my pudgy little heart. Cooking.

The very first thing I learned how to cook was spaghetti. I’m not talking about buying a jar of Ragu. I’m talking about watching a pot of marinara bubble like a witch’s brew for several hours. We bought our noodles because making the sauce caused a big enough mess. Last thing we needed was flour everywhere. This required that I learn how to brown hamburger, as well. After that, I learned how to scramble eggs and fry bacon, and eventually how to flip pancakes.

The whole time my mother was teaching me to cook, I was having fun. I was learning a skill set while enjoying quality time with Mom. But I also learned a few important life lessons.

Some of my best memories of my childhood are of baking with my mother. The woman made dozens of cookies every December and would pass them out to family at get togethers as Christmas gifts. If she didn’t make enough, people would threaten to riot. I don’t do much baking these days, but when I do, I involve my kids.

And here’s why.

Our cooking is not always a success, and I think that’s important. Last week, we tried making ice cream. I didn’t think the recipe was going to work, but we did it anyway. Holy hell was it bad. The cream separated from the ice crystals and it left this grody film on the top of our mouths, as if we’d eaten an entire box of Captain Crunch. You know what I mean. Same thing happens when you eat really cheap donuts. Bleck.

Cooking failures can teach children that failure is all right. That ice cream wasn’t the end of the world. We put time and effort into something that didn’t turn out right and life didn’t end. It’s how we deal with failure that counts. Failure is an important tool when it comes to learning. You’re not always going to succeed, and that’s okay. At least you finished it, and now you can take what you learned from that failure to make sure that, next time, you’re that much closer to success.

That’s how I see it anyway. What are some of your favorite meals? Do you cook? Let me know in the comments below.

See you tomorrow,


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4 thoughts on “My Semi-Fictional Life #23 (Cooking)

  1. Cooking is one of my favorite things. Chicken mole tacos, banana nut muffins, roasted chicken, cashew curry, etc. We’ve made ice cream a few times, with goat milk (yes, we milked the brats ourselves), and it turned out really good. However, we were not so lucky making goat cheese. Sometimes it was edible and sometimes even the chickens wouldn’t touch it.

      1. Yes. Chickens like cheese and whey and goat milk turned questionable. Sometimes we would mix it with their grain to make it a little easier for them to pick it up. Good for cold winter days.

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