My Semi-Fictional Life #25 (Exhausted)

Hello, my pumpkin-preoccupied Peruvians. Today, we took the kids to the Halloween Candy Walk in downtown Prattville, Alabama, and I got to stand out in the sun for an hour and then walk a half a mile in a circle. I’m a wee bit tired. The kids had fun though, and that’s all I care about. For now, I’m going to get doped up on pain meds and try to read a little before I pass out.

Oh, I almost forgot. We went to a thrift store today that we normally don’t hit because their books are expensive (for a thrift shop, anyway), but today they had a Books by the Pound deal going. The kids loaded up on children’s books and I grabbed dome Rabbi Small mysteries. Pics tomorrow. Promise.

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Pic of the Day

Kids at the Candy Walk be like…