My Semi-Fictional Life #26 (Homeschooling)

Hello, my hectic home-schooling heretic heathens. Today I want to talk about homeschooling myths. My wife homeschools our kids (Autumn, 11, and Chris, 4) and we’re always asked why we school our kids at home, as well as inundated with several astoundingly ignorant questions as to the expectations that our children are/will be socially stunted in some way.

Don’t you worry that your children will be socially awkward?

As if people who go to public school are not socially awkward? I can only guess this question stems from the idiotic idea that, just because our children homeschool, that they never leave the house. My kids go to the park just like your kids. They play with the neighbor kids just like your kids. They go shopping with us. They (GASP!) even enjoy going to the library. They interact with people all the time. In fact my daughter is one of the most outgoing people I know. She can start a conversation with complete strangers and become friends with them in less time than it takes me to load Facebook on my computer.

Don’t you worry that your kids aren’t learning important life lessons, like how to deal with bullies?

I don’t even answer this question anymore. The fact that I’ve been asked this numerous times depresses me. There are people out there who think that public school teaches children how to deal with bullies. This is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. If you don’t know why, that makes me extremely sad.

You must be Christian or a member of some cult, right?

Pardon me, but… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You’re joshing, right? One of the reasons we homeschool (especially in the south) is to keep our kids away from indoctrination. We do not teach atheism, either. Don’t be silly. We educate our children so that they can make their own decisions. If my kids want to be religious zealots, that’s their right. We don’t teach creationism or agnosticism or any dogma. We teach our children to question everything and make their own life choices. Do we keep our children away from religious extremists? Most definitely. For the same reason we keep them away from guns and poisons.

Are your children special needs?


You must be rich!

No. I’m an author and content creator and my wife is a stay-at-home mom. We’re far from rich. We live in a trailer in the country and do not live an extravagant lifestyle. We’re comfortable in that we’re well-nourished and have a roof over our heads, but our disposable income is minimal, hence all the thrift-store hauls I post on Instagram. I pay the bills with audiobook and short story sales. Book sales are the icing on the cake. If you’ve ever purchased one of my books, you’ve put food on my table and bought my kids school supplies. You have our undying appreciation for that.

So there you have it. I’ve debunked some homeschooling myths and gave you guys a look inside the Lorn Complex.

See you tomorrow,


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