My Semi-Fictional Life #39 (#NotMyPresident)

Early edition:

Hello, guys. Today I’m tired. Yesterday I was mad, but now I’m just tired. Not giving up. Just regrouping.

In the past twelve hours, I’ve had someone say to me “Last time I checked there were no fences keeping you here” and another person say “If you hadn’t married a black woman you’d have nothing to worry about.” The new hierarchy’s supporters are some  classy motherfuckers, I tell you. Last time I heard hillbillies this arrogant and happy they were reminiscing about owning people.

So, to recap: our vice president thinks electrocuting people can change their sexual orientation, our next president is a literal sexist, racist, xenophobic, reality-television star who likes picking on the mentally handicapped, assaulting women and allegedly children, and is planning on placing a climate denier  in charge of the EPA, and the house and senate will be majority Republican.

Wow. That’s not burning the house down. That’s nuking the entire continent.

What you’re going to see is a quick death of the middle and lower class. In place of that class system, you will see a rise in a King/peasants arrangement. Poverty will become the way of life for the masses, while King Trump and Queen Pence rule over all. The cat’s been crated and the mice are happy as shit. These Christian extremists and Orange-flavored madmen have not a sane member among them, and now they have no one to stand in their way of destroying every forward step we’ve taken in recent years.

People of Color are in danger. Our LGBTQ friends are in danger. Women are in danger. Anyone who isn’t a Christian is in danger. This is not conspiracy theory. This is not fearmongering. This is fact. Human rights are at risk, and the only people who are not in danger are straight, white, American males. We’re looking at a resurgence of Jim Crow, people. I guess what the rednecks have been saying is true; the south will rise again. Fuck me running…

Then you have the religious nuts, who’re almost as bad as the bigots. I had my mom tell me tonight that all this is just the Book of Revelations coming to pass. Fuck that. This isn’t some supernatural nonsense. Satan isn’t coming for your booty-hole. This is real shit. But you have some motherfuckers, my mother included, who cannot wait for the end. So even people who don’t like Trump like the fact that he might bring on literal fucking rapture. And they call Islamic suicide bombers crazy extremists.

I cannot believe I am related to people who think this way. I love my mother, but her nonchalant, all-praise-to-god attitude is fucking maddening. But it’s also to be expected. When you have millions upon millions of dense motherfuckers who believe the only truth is a book written a thousand plus years ago, you’re bound to see a decline in intelligence on the whole. Why do you need science when some invisible man has all the answers? Need help with your math? Just pray!

FUCK! Fuck religion. Fuck Trump. Fuck Pence. Fuck anyone who is trying to normalize these hatemongers. He’s not going to try and bring us together. No way is he going to make the world safe for the LGBTQ community. Are you fucking kidding me? Mike Pence literally wants to shock and pray the gay away and you think Trump gives a shit about protecting you from him? Wake up, people.

Donald Trump was elected with fewer votes than Mitt Romney received in 2012 and John McCain in 2008. Meaning Trump didn’t win the election as much as he managed to convince voters to stay home. “Hillary’s got this. No reason to get off my lazy ass.” She won the popular vote, which means her loss isn’t a message that America wants change. It’s a message that America was too cocksure. The next four years will be due to complacency more than anything. The next four years certainly aren’t a product of what America wanted because America, for the most part, didn’t have a voice, and you only have yourselves to blame because “I betoV”!

Needless to say, I’m not accepting Trump. He didn’t win. Hillary lost to her own supporters’ laziness. America’s fucked up electoral college, once again, dicked us, and I will do everything in my power, everything aside from violence, to fight Trump’s presidency with education and a change of scenery. How? Here’s my three step plan:

#1. Move my family to a swing state so that my vote actually matters next time. Voting anything but Republican in the south, which is where I live, is like repeatedly bashing one’s hand in a car door expecting the 101st time to be less painful than the first 100 times.

#2. I’m condensing my social media presence to three places: Instagram, this blog, and Goodreads, all three of which are daisychained to post on Facebook on Twitter. Meaning, if you want to talk to me and have me respond, I don’t suggest using Facebook or Twitter to comment. Comment here, on Instagram, on Goodreads, or email me. If you want updates from me, follow me on those three platforms. This will streamline my social media presence and give me more time to focus on #3.

#3. Be more active in the community, promoting education, the tolerance of people and the intolerance of religion. I know these sound like conflicting things, but they really aren’t. Your faith and proselytizing is not harmless. Religion is asinine and more people should be educated on how harmful it is. It makes you blind. It makes you gullible. It makes you complacentIt’s cons far outweigh its pros. Religion doesn’t make anything better. Anything you can do with religion you can do, possibly even better, without it. Religion gives you a false sense of security by allowing you to push off all your concerns to some invisible man in the sky. “God doesn’t give us any more than we can handle.” Oh, fuck off with that dark-age mumbo jumbo hoodoo bullshit.  The universe gives not a fuck for you. You’re on your own. Being alone is nowhere near as sad as needing an imaginary friend to give you a feeling of self worth. Again, wake the fuck up, people. Focus on real life and not fairytales about some mythical afterlife. We need you here. We need you active not passive. Get out of church and make a goddamn difference.

My message is simply:

Tolerate people and their many different genders, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Tolerate beliefs only to the extent that they do not affect the progress of the the human race.

Keep church away from state completely.

Make America read again!

Keep religious text out of nonfiction and in its own genre, like horror and scifi and romance. Keep it far the hell away from schools. Like sexual predators, bibles should have to remain 500 feet from any school.

Stop blind hatred. Stop hating people for how they look and start hating them for what they do. I’ve never seen a skin color murder someone or rape a person or steal possessions or burn down a church. People do that shit. Not colors.

(Have you ever sat back and considered how fucking stupid hating someone based on the level of melanin in their skin is? You literally have no control over what color you’re born. None. The single-cell organisms who believe differently don’t deserve to breathe decent-people air.)

Those of you I haven’t scared off, see you tomorrow. The rest of you, again, need to wake the fuck up and take responsibility for this mess you’ve made. “I betoV” so I have every right to complain. How about you?

Challenge each other. It’s the only way we’re ever going to change.

*hugs and high fives*



8 thoughts on “My Semi-Fictional Life #39 (#NotMyPresident)

  1. Yeah, have been harassed twice in the last three days for my sexuality. Both Trump people. Is this the goddamn fifties?

    Fuck this, man. Fuck this. I’m as fired up as you. I think both political parties as we knew them died on Tuesday night. The Democratic Party is facing a civil war, and maybe we’ll actually see DNC leaders FIRED and replaced with people who will get their heads out of their asses and realize there is a populist movement afoot, and establishment politics no longer cuts it. Bernie and Trump laid the template. It’s a new age in politics.

    My god, I’m terrified. The conservative jokers now have all the keys to the kingdom. The only upside is the left — the Progressives and Greens, Bernie’s people — is galvanized in a way I’ve never seen before. I guess it took liberals actually losing every goddamn thing to realize, holy shit, we just gave the country to a fascist and his cronies.

    I’ve been living in a haze of depression, Ativan, and alcohol for two days now. I will pull myself together and transfer this into something useful, something revolutionary…. but for now, I’m just tired. Discouraged. Guess I don’t have much in common with the majority of the electorate.

    1. Wow, I don’t really remember writing that. Gotta stop pulling all-nighters.

      Anywho, there’s a big Trump protest coming up in Birmingham. Don’t have any details yet but just wanted to let you know in case you’re interested.

    1. I’ll let you know of protests in the future. I suspect there will be many more. I’m ready to grab the establishment — both the left and right — by the pussy.

      Meanwhile, Paul Ryan just told Faux News privatization of Medicare is now underway…

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