My Semi-Fictional Life #40 (Trump and the Long Con)

Hey guys. Today I’m going to mansplain how Trump won. If you prefer not to hear a cis-gendered, straight, white male speaking from a position of privilege, I don’t blame you. Plenty of PoC and LGBTQIA saying these same things. Follow @BlackNergirls on Twitter for some terrific commentary on where this country is going and how to support PoC everywhere, as well as some great nerdy goodness. But, if you don’t mind listening to another white man rambling about what went wrong this election cycle, hang around. I’m doing my best to continue the fight the only way I know how, and that is by writing and signal boosting.

First, some much needed information during this difficult time.

If you see hate, #reporthate. This is especially important for my fellow white men who are allies. Do not stand by and watch this crap happen. React properly. Help to remove the threat anyway you can. Sometimes all it takes is sitting down next to the person who’s being harassed and striking up a conversation and ignoring the person spewing hate. If you’re not up for confrontation, find someone who is. Do not do nothing.

For my friends in the LGBTQIA community, It gets better. They caught you sleeping, but they won’t catch you again. We only need to make it four years. Believe me, this won’t happen again. I’ll tell you why before the end of this post. If you find yourself worried your marriage will be null and void, check out THIS TWEET to find out what you should do. Also, here’s some more resources in another important TWEET.

Do not let this monster and his campaign of hate keep you from going out and doing. Do not be Germany during Hitler’s rise. Fight this hatemonger at every turn. Support local businesses owned and operated by PoC and the LGBTQIA. This is important. Readers, reach beyond white male authors. Yes, even me. Move past me and grab a book by Victor LaValle or Toni Morrison or any number of female authors and People of Color. Expand your mind beyond the straight-white norm and I will try and make my books even more diverse. Authors, make important characters PoC or LGBTQIA, but do not be obvious about it. Instead of “Meet Tom, he’s gay.” Try, “Here’s Tom and his boyfriend Frank.” Show, do not tell. This isn’t about bragging rights (“I gots gays and black folks in my books!”), it’s about inclusion and normalizing human beings that some people view as less than human.

If I’m wrong about this, please, inform me. I’m open for advice, because I do not know everything. I’m only spreading advice given to me by PoC and members of the LGTBQIA community. If you prefer I don’t give advice that does not pertain to me, I have no problem not talking about something if I am not fully informed. Send me information and I will signal boost you.

So how did Trump win? He won by long con. He convinced the American people that he was too stupid to win. The final nail in the coffin was his assuring people that the election was rigged. Brilliant move on his part. This assured that his detractors would stay home, because why else would be be saying it was rigged if he wasn’t a sure thing to lose? This also made his supporters get out and vote all the more. Trump’s not dumb. Neither was Hitler. He’s an arrogant, vengeful, tasteless man who is willing to sacrifice his morals to further his business strategy. He sold hate and fear to ignorant, scared people and they bought it wholesale. Now all these rednecks and hillbillies and poor white trash that he suckered into voting for him are going to pay the price. They will continue to be stomped into the firmament by poverty, and when things don’t get better (which they won’t), they will not vote for him in 2020.

The important thing to remember is, we won’t be fooled again. 42.4% of America didn’t vote. Let that sink in. Trump is NOT the will of the people. He’s just a really good con artist. This just goes to prove that you should never underestimate your opponent.

Keep fighting the good fight and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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4 thoughts on “My Semi-Fictional Life #40 (Trump and the Long Con)

  1. Great post, and everything you said is spot-on, methinks.

    I would like to add that I think the Democratic Party as it is today contributed to Trump winning, too. The Dem Party is utterly corporatist and in bed with the media, and they put up the most establishment politician in an era of anti-establishment sentiment. They ignored the wave of populism because of arrogance. When you put up a Republican against a Republican, the Republican will win every time.

    I’m not pointing the finger at just ‘them’. I’m including myself, too. I voted for Clinton. Proud of it, too. I was proud to say “I’m with her!”

    However… I was in the bubble of self-righteous intellectual superiority. (“Yuck yuck yuck!” I often laughed to myself. “Trump doesn’t even have a ground game!”) If anything, this election opened my eyes to just how much this country is hurting, or at least in lust for change — no matter how dangerous that change is. And despite her excellent qualities and leadership abilities and proven track record, my number one reason for supporting Clinton was defeating Trump. Simply put, the Clinton campaign did not give anyone anything to vote for (except safety, maybe). Just something to vote against. I think there’s going to be an all-too necessary civil war on the left, and one could hope true progressives take the reigns once more. The Dems’ fatal flaw (as has been evident for two decades or so) is the lack of outreach to or empathy for white working class people.

  2. Sorry to comment something so similar to what I said the other day on another post of yours. It just kills me. This election was so winnable. Donald Trump did EVERYTHING wrong and gave Clinton so many openings, but…. nah. Actually, truly, reaching out to people wasn’t necessary. She’s a Clinton. She had it in the bag.

    Just angers me. That’s all. I’m angry at the corrupt system that has brought us here.

  3. I can’t argue with any of that. But I feel the final blow was that “The election will be rigged”. Sure Comey and the email drama hurt, but Trump played the long game, making America believe he was never a threat.

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