My Semi-Fictional Life #44 (Need to Know Information)

Hey, peeps. Today I want to give you information and let you decide, for yourself,  whether or not Trump is to be trusted, or I’m just blowing hot air into a furnace.

First, Hillary Clinton won/is winning the popular vote. No this doesn’t mean that she still has a shot at the White House, but it further cements the fact that the American people did not choose Trump. The electoral college did. I know this sounds like I’m beating a dead horse, but as long as I see people claiming that Trump’s win was clear and evident, I will keep posting the facts. I’m not going to give you a single link, but I would like you to use an unbiased key phrase in your search engine of choice. Simply type in, or copy and paste from here, “popular vote 2016” into any search bar and read the results.

Next, to those who’re saying, “Give Trump a chance,” I need you to pay very close attention. I want you to do the same unbiased search for “Stephen Bannon” and see what you find. He’s a white-nationalist with a sordid past. I want you to read about him and his company, Breitbart News, and ask yourself if you want him anywhere near the White House. Why? Because he’s being assigned the role, by Trump, of Chief Strategist, or, if you prefer, the role of Top Advisor. To recap, Donald Trump wants a white-nationalist (or neo-nazi, because potato/pahtahto) advice on how to run our country. This is exactly why we should not “Give Trump a chance.” More on what to do about Bannon in tomorrow’s blog because I’m running out of time here.

Final bit of homework is Trump’s first 100 days. There’s a lot of normal stuff on this list that doesn’t seem wacky or terrifying or even half-bad. But, like everything in life, you need to pay attention to every last detail. HERE is a list of things Trump will try and accomplish in his first 100 days as Commander and Chief. READ. THEM. ALL. EVERY. LAST. ONE. Again, if you want to search “Trump’s first 100 days” youself, by all means, do it. Take note of his plans with the Keystone Pipeline, which he holds shares in. In layman’s terms, he makes money off the deal.

If you’re cool with any of the stuff listed above, that’s on you. I cannot make you care or make you a decent human being. But in the Age of Information, there is no reason to remain ignorant. Read, digest, and react. It’s the only way forward from here.

There’s a lot of stuff to go over in the next few days. I will be hosting a distraction every Friday called Flash Fiction Fridays, where you get to decide what goes into the story I write. If you would like details and/or to join in on WordPress, you can use this link HERE, or if you prefer Goodreads, where all the cool kids hangout, click HERE. This should be a lot of fun and a much needed bit of comic relief. Seriously, you gotta see what people are already suggesting on Goodreads. Fun times, man.

Finally, I wrote 4,244 words today. Very happy with that. I should be caught up with NaNoWriMo in the next week… I hope.

Stay educated, take mental health days, spend downtime with loved ones and people you trust, but do not stop fighting. Rest and regroup, but get back out there. This isn’t an over-exaggeration. Trump is exactly what we think he is.

See you tomorrow,


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