My Semi-Fictional Life #48 (Self-Promo Shenanigans)

Hello, peeps. Today I wanna sell you something. In case you missed it, my novella Fairy Lights has been running as a serial over at Well, yesterday, the series wrapped and the whole experience is live on their website. If you’re not a subscriber, no worries. You can read it online (looks good on any device) for $3.49. If you want the hardcover experience on January 24, 2016, then you can preorder a copy.

All that and more information is available HERE!

I hope you like the book. As I’ve said on several different sites, I’m extremely proud of this one. I think I managed to blend the lost-in-the-woods horror trope with a current-events topic, giving both gorehounds and those who want a deeper experience something to enjoy. Devour or dissect. Your choice.

The h

See you tomorrow!


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