My Semi-Fictional Life #51 (Local Happenings)

Hello, peeps. Today I want to update you guys on some things I’ve seen and information I’ve garnered locally.

Last night, while Christmas shopping at Target, my wife and I stumbled upon three rows of three-foot-tall Darth Vader toys, five deep, all with their left hands raised in a Seig Heil gesture. Chelle and I spent a minute or so lowering their arms. It was the only thing we could think of doing. To those of you who think this is a normal pose for the giant action figures, you should know that we shop at Target quite a bit, and they’ve never been arranged like that before.

Next, I would like to go over a discussion I had with a Trump supporter in the parking lot of my local Winn Dixie. I had just pulled into a space when an older gentleman parked next to me. I got out first and happened to notice his Trump bumper sticker. When he got out, I started a conversation with him with one simple question. “Mind if I ask you why Trump?”

The guy was very pleasant. He wasn’t some alt-right nutjob. He was calm and well-spoken and smiled while talking to me. I won’t go over the entire conversation, but I will hit the important parts.

This guy, who will remain unnamed, told me he voted for Trump because he was tired of politicians and Trump was, to him, the furthest thing from a politician.

When I asked him how he felt about some of the more disgusting comments from Trump, like “Grab them by the pussy”, he had this to say:

“Trump wasn’t talking about decent women. He was talking about actresses and their lot. Those Hollywood types are as liberal as they come. And [Trump’s] right. They will let you do anything you want. They’re just like prostitutes in that manner. It’s not like he was talking about my wife and daughter. They’re not that kind of woman.”

I’d not heard this justification before, so it naturally caught me off guard. This was this man’s truth. He actually believed what he was saying. I was stunned into silence long enough for him to go on without any help from me.

“Besides, democrats have held the presidency for the past sixteen years.” Yes, he said “sixteen”. He continued, “It’s about time for some change. I never did like the fact that Obama was allowed to be president and he ain’t even American. He’s Muslim.”

This one made me laugh. I couldn’t help it.

Seeing me laugh, he laughed as well and said, “It’s true. He was born a Muslim, not an American.”

After that, I thanked him for answering my questions and excused myself.

What I took away from this interaction is:

  1. He’s tired of politicians and voted for Trump because Trump isn’t one.
  2. He thinks liberal women are not “decent women”.
  3. Muslim is a place.

I did not bait or challenge this man. I let him talk openly and freely. I am not misrepresenting him. These are the things he said.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. This is only one guy. Well, no, it’s not. I spoke with the guy who sold us our trailer (he’s still an acquaintance) and his answer to the “Why Trump” question was the same. “He’s not a politician.” When I asked him how he can excuse the “Grab them by the pussy” comment, he said, “I can’t. But you have to admit that nasty language is better than causing the deaths of thousands.” Not sure what he meant by that, because thousands didn’t die as a result of Clinton’s emails, but it doesn’t really matter. He was going to believe what he wanted to.

Take what you will from all of this. I’m just reporting what I’m seeing in one of the most racist, xenophobic places I’ve ever lived in. And as Trump appoints more racists and xenophobes to offices, it’s only going to get worse. Stay safe out there.

See you tomorrow,



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