My Semi-Fictional Life #56 (A Review)

A Review of The Glorious Heresies

Lisa McInerney joins the ranks of Marisha Pessl and Caroline Kepnes in that she writes men better than most males authors. Every dude in this book is dynamic and interesting. Ryan especially, but we’ll get to him more in a minute.

I never would have grabbed this book if it wasn’t for Crown Publishing sending me a review copy, and that’s upsetting. So many terrific novels go unread every year, mainly because I can only read so much. If a book doesn’t grab the hype train or get picked up by popular reviewers, they just sit on shelves waiting for people with $25-plus bucks to spare while shopping at the chain stores. And, let’s be honest, most of these hyped books don’t deserve the reach they get. While THE GIRL WITH THE OBVIOUS SECRET and THE WOMAN ON SOME MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION sell millions, good authors are getting overlooked and have to hope that their next book will do better.

Nobody loves a good twist more than myself, but I need there to be some other meaning to a book other than GOTCHA! If that’s all you’re writing, you might as well co-author a book with James Patterson. Unfortunately, those who juggle themes with common genre tropes tend to go unnoticed, when really, other authors should be watching and taking notes. McInerney manages to mix the thrill of a good noir with the heart and passion of esteemed literary fiction. That’s a difficult feat to pull off, considering noir, by definition, is heartless.

It pisses me off (yes, probably more than it should) that my feed isn’t overflowing with this book. It’s a fucking shame how good The Glorious Heresies is and nobody’s reading it. You should probably do something about that. I, for one, will be buying whatever Lisa McInerney writes from here on out.

The book itself has one of the best couples I’ve read: Ryan and Karine. Their relationship is not all hearts and moons, and because of that, their love story feels real. There’s nothing perfect about them, and that makes them relatable. You’ll be screaming at both of them throughout the majority of the book, but that’s one of the best parts. Every single character herein is full-fleshed out and three dimensional. It’s so refreshing to be able to say that. I think the last book I read that managed that was Hidden Bodies.

And, holy shit, what happens to Ryan. Man, that’d fuck anybody up. I can’t discuss certain things because of spoilers, but I applaud the author for tackling what happened between Tara Duane and him. Thank you for that.

In summation: The Glorious Heresies is not a light read. It is heavy, but it will also make you laugh. McInerney balances character writing and theme perfectly, and never does the love or comedy come off as hokey. My choice for Book of the Year 2016 just got one book harder.

Final Judgment: I want everyone to read this.

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