My Semi-Fictional Life #59 (A Review)

Hello, peeps. Today’s second catch-up post is a review. I’m the odd man out with this one, so please, read the book for yourself.

Gonna do something I’ve only done once before and link you guys to someone else’s review. Snotchocheez’s review is everything I would have said had I thought to say it first. Only difference is that I will round up instead of down. Solid three star read, but otherwise forgettable, sentimental fluff.

In summation: Yet another retelling of the old pisspot who learns to be less of a pisspot thanks to unbelievably accepting and patient people. I don’t regret reading it and I even enjoyed bits and pieces, but I’m not one for books whose sole purpose is to make you cry.

Final Judgment: A Man Called Scrooge… er… Ove

See you later today for the final catch-up post.


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