My Semi-Fictional Life #65(A Review)

A review of David Bowie Retrospective and Coloring Book, by Mel Elliott

Has Mel Elliott ever actually seen a picture of David Bowie or naw?

In this book, Bowie looks like Pewdiepie, Jim Morrison, and Paul Frehley. See also: Rick Astley, Nick Cave, Marilyn Manson, Mick Jagger, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Bret Easton Ellis. In fact, it might be fun if you guys were to check out your local bookstore and flip through this book to see if you can match the above people to the images in the book. Should be easy. Have fun, but I wouldn’t suggest buying it. My point is, he looks like everyone but himself.

I’m actually kinda disappointed in this. Luckily, this isn’t for me. It’s for my wife, whose father died a few years back. Irving was my father-in-law’s name, and Irving loved himself some Bowie. I dug the man and his music, as did my wife, but Irving’s fandom went well beyond ours. So I requested this one from Crown Publishing in return for a review. Glad I did, too, because Chell squealed in pleasure upon opening the box. To her, this book is more than just pictures. It’s a reminder of the good times with her dad.

In summation: My wife loves this thing for the sentimental value, but the pictures are of really poor quality. Might be fun to color, but I’m sure Chelle will never color in hers. Thanks to Crown for the review copy. *smooches*

Final Judgment: Artwork by Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder.

See you tomorrow,


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