My Semi-Fictional Life #67 (Miscellaneous Stuffs)

Holy shit, did I spell “miscellaneous” right in the title of this blog on the first try? HELL YEA! Anyway…

Hello peeps. I’m terrible at self-promotion. I don’t buy ads or spam people or any of the tried and tested promotional tools available to authors like myself. And, yes, spam works. It’s shady-as-fuck and desperate-as-hell, but it works. It might not work on you, but you have a brain. To the mindless masses, spam works perfectly well. These zombified consumers purchase such things as hotdog/banana slicers, Shake Weights, and tuition to Trump College. People who are susceptible to spam exist, oh, yes they do, and they outnumber the thinkers of the world. I simply won’t do it because I don’t want to be spammed myself. The only spam I like comes in a can. Why, yes, Virginia, I am a fat bastard.

So what do I do for self promotion? Two things: social media presence and word of mouth. Yup. That’s it. Here’s a list of where you can find me the most, in descending order from most visited to least visited:







Yeah, I’m rarely over at Tumblr. The place feels like MySpace, and we all know what happened to MySpace.

I am always on Instagram. In fact, it’s the only place my tablet is set to notify me of new posts. I upload bookish pictures and clips of me playing guitar and all sorts of nonsense. If you think you’d like seeing such oddities, follow me over there and join in on the conversation. Right now I’m asking for Christmas song requests, which I will then play horribly.

What else did I want to talk about…

Oh, yeah, my meds. I started new medications a few days ago and it’s making me feel like shit. Everyone keeps saying, “Give it time to stabilize you.” But I just don’t feel like myself, you know. My heart’s all fluttery and I’m exhausted all the damn time. Right now, as I’m writing this, I’m dizzy, so please pardon any errors. It’s hard to edit when there’s two of everything.

Could my body be used to being sick? Could I be feeling funny because I’ve not been healthy in a long time? Probably. But that doesn’t change the fact that, even if I am better off on the medicine than off, I still feel like shit.

I felt so bad yesterday that I went out for some retail therapy. The Pic of the Day is my purchases. Each one was a quarter a piece. And then, after dinner, I slept from 6pm to noon today. Yay, new meds… yay…

Anyway, enough rambling. I gotta go lay down before I fall over.

See you tomorrow,


Pic of the Day