My Semi-Fictional Life #70 (Pick My Next Kitten-Squisher!)

Hello peeps. Happy Sunday Fun-Day! Or Church-Day Lurch-Day! Or whatevs. Feel like helping my indecisive-ass make a decisive? Er… decision?

I want to keep up this routine of always having a 700+ page novel (a kitten squisher) on my currently reading shelf. Only problem is, they’re time sinks and I’m no good at commitment, especially when it comes to which novel I want to be reading for a month or better. So I want you to pick for me the book I will pick up after I finish Gone with the Wind. It’ll be like having your buddy rip off your Band-Aid. It’ll be fun. Here we go!

If you would, hop on over to Goodreads and vote on my poll. No! Don’t poke at my hole! Vote. On. Me. POLL! Not my POLE… for fuck’s sake, the one time I try to keep this clean and out of the gutter… Whatever. Just go to Goodreads by clicking HERE and tell me what I should read. It’s my first poll, so be gentle.

No! No, no, NO! It’s not my first PULL! My. First. POLL! Fuck it. I’m done. Just go vote.

Remember, Monday is the next Let’s Play Flash Fiction Friday plot suggestion submission post, so get your ideas ready.

See you tomorrow, you cheeky so-and-sos,


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