My Semi-Fictional #77 (Appearances Matter)

Hello peeps. I did not plan to write the post I am about to write. It’s coming straight off the dome with zero forethought. Let’s do this.

I’m a white dude. You see me in pictures and there is no debating that I am a caucasian male. That is my appearance.

The truth of the matter is, I am one quarter Native American. My dad was half and his father, who was chief of his tribe, was full blooded. I have documentation to prove all of this. My ancestry paid for my schooling beyond high school. I consider myself Native American as much as I consider myself caucasian. But I do not bring up my ancestry because I am, by all appearances, a white man. I’ve never personally known the struggle of my people. I’ve only ever read and heard about it.

My appearance dictates how the world treats me. My privilege is obvious. I’ve been pulled over with black friends who have been treated differently than me. I had one friend who likely would not have driven away from the situation had I not been there. He would have been detained for… well, for something. I’ve blogged about it before. You can read that HERE.

The point I’m trying to make is, we’re judged first and foremost by our appearances, and if you do not look like the people who are struggling, you cannot, in good conscience, try and tell them how they should feel when threatened or oppressed. You can help them fight, but make sure that yours is a support and not a command position.

Take care of each other.

See you tomorrow,


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