Me Semi-Fictional Life #80 (Year in Review Coming)

Hello peeps. I’ll be doing best-and-worst-of-the-year posts starting the day after Christmas. I have six categories and each one will have a runner up. So if you’re looking forward to that, I assure you it’s on its way.

You know, I never thought I’d make it this long blogging every day, and I’m not sure how long I will keep it up. The goal is 365 days of blog posts to remind me of the most productive and successful year of my life, but things happen and people get burned out. I’m not there yet, but I’m sure there will come a time before day 365 that I say to myself “I don’t wanna.” Whether or not I stop on that day or press forward through the slump remains to be seen. But I’m having fun, and that’s all that matters.

I’m OCD by nature, and sometimes just putting a number to something helps me complete it. 365 posts doesn’t seem so many when you consider I’ve posted thousands of posts on this blog. Hell, at one time I used to post two to three times a day. I know, I know, that’s fucking ridiculous, but it’s true. No one needs that much E. in their lives.

Do you challenge yourself often? Does challenging yourself help you complete tasks, or does it not help at all and/or send you spiralling into depression when you fail? I used to be like that. I don’t let myself down near as much as I used to, and that’s a good thing. It means I’m growing and learning that failure is not the end, only a chance at a new beginning.

Friendly reminder, all of my books are still only a buck each on Amazon worldwide. Click HERE to peep my author page and see if you’ve missed anything. If you’re interested in something different from what you’ve read from me in the past, I recommend WordReally proud of that little collection.

See you tomorrow,


Pic of the Day

Christmas in Fallout 4

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