My Semi-Fictional Life #79 (WAR ON CHRISTMAS!)

Hello peeps. Here’s the final promotion for this holiday season. If you hop over to Amazon you can get the complete War on Christmas series in one book for free. You can click HERE, or on the Pic of the Day, or on any of the international links posted after the image.

You can get order a signed paperback HERE, but it won’t ship until after the New Year. Sorry about that.

One final time I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading my work. You’ve given me my most successful year yet. I keep waiting for the balloon to pop, for this immense highest to sending me crashing, but you’ve not let me down. Plenty of books on the way in 2017.

Man, can you believe it’s been three years since I released my last novel? That’s nuts.

See you tomorrow,


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