My Semi-Fictional Life #83 (A Fitbit Christmas Eve)

Hello peeps. Remember a few days ago when I mentioned that I bought a fitbit? Well, I’ve successfully experimented with it, and here are my results.

Thursday, I saw how much I could do without wearing myself out. According to my fitbit, I walked 11,748 steps, went 5.3 miles, consumed 4,280 calories, drank 144 oz of water, and exercised for 44 minutes. That’s what I CAN do.

Friday, I did my normal daily routine. I walked 3,020 steps, went 1.36 miles, consumed 2,471 calories, drank 80oz of water, and exercised for 0 minutes. That’s what I’ve BEEN doing.

Today is going well. Just walking from the front steps to the end of the driveway is 100 steps, so I can easily hit my goal of 250 steps every hour. As of writing this post, I’ve walked 5,779 steps, equalling 2.61 miles. And I’ve exercised for 42 minutes. I feel fine and I definitely don’t feel as if I’ve moved as much as I have. In other words, I should be able to keep this up, no problem.

This damn thing might actually save my life. Not exaggerating in the least.

See you tomorrow… well, not really. I have a post scheduled to go live at noon, but it won’t be much. I’ll be back to full posts on the 26th. Enjoy yourselves tomorrow.


Pic of the Day

On my walk today…



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