My Semi-Fictional Life #86 (Best Translated Novel of 2016)

Hello peeps. I read a lot of translated fiction. While I am semi-bilingual (I know enough Swedish to get by, but am nowhere near fluent), I do not speak the original language in which these two books were written. The reason I chose the category Best Translated this year is because these two books feel as if they were originally written in English. So often I read translated books and I feel the difference. Whether it be a poor translation of a common phrase or just poorly written overall, I can usually sense where the translation is lacking even if I don’t speak the original language.

My choice for Best Translated Novel of 2016 is…

mr m.jpg

You can click on the image to read my review. Simply put, Dear Mr. M is fucking clever. In a world that churns out the same old thrillers year after year, Herman Koch is a breath of fresh air. The novel does seem to meander, but at the end, everything comes together brilliantly. I recall finishing this book, laying it down, and just sayin “Wow.” Thoroughly impressed with this one. It came damn close to winning Book of the Year from me.

And our runner up goes to…


I loved almost every page of this Murakami tome, but it is repetitious and laggy in parts, which caused me to pick Koch’s book over this one. Also, Dear Mr. M came out this year, whereas 1Q84 came out years ago. That led to my decision, as well. Again, you can click on the cover to read my review on Goodreads.

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4 thoughts on “My Semi-Fictional Life #86 (Best Translated Novel of 2016)

  1. I’m a relatively new follower, so if you’ve mentioned this before, that’s probably why I don’t know. Since I’m Swedish, I was just wondering how it is that you know Swedish. Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned this before, I have to say you have really cute kids. 🙂

    1. Tack så mycket. Jag älskar mina barn. Jag gillar svenska och många av mina vänner är svenska så jag bestämde att lära att använda Duolingo.

      I still struggle from time to time, but I can read and write it well enough… I think 🙂 I’m far from being able to speak it. Most of my pronunciations are horrible lol

      1. Ja, det förstår jag. Jag älskar mina så mycket också. Jaha. Du verkar ha lyckats väldigt bra med dina studier i svenska. Min syster har en vän i England som just nu håller på att lära sig svenska med Duolingo, så den verkar vara jättebra.

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