My Semi-Fictional Life #87 (Biggest Disappointment of 2016)

Hello peeps. Sorry we have another negative post. I know I said that the Worst Book of 2016 would be the only one, but I forgot about this category. I think this category is more important than Worst Book of the Year because these were books I was looking forward to.

My biggest disappointment of the year was…


This book was a long fart in a windstorm. Instead of lighting this stinker with a match and setting my pants on fire, a gust of wind kept blowing it out.Brrap! Fizzle. Fuck! The Fireman was a huge missed opportunity. You spend so much time inside the camp that you have no feel for what’s going on in the outside world. That being said, it’s an easy read for being so long. My only wish is that Hill wouldn’t have spent so much time tributing his father and borrowing from J.K. Rowling and written his own book. Click on the image to go to my review where you can read more of my thoughts.

This year’s runner up is…


The Con Season had so much potential. I mean, look at that terrific Cotronis cover. The concept is awesome but it’s another idea that goes nowhere. The ending is shitty beyond belief and unfortunately is the only thing I really remember about this one. Oh, there’s a chainsaw death in here somewhere, which is always fun, but what else happened? I can’t remember. This was my first Cesare book and it won’t be my last. The guy can write, no doubt about that. I only wish he would’ve done something more with this great premise.

See you tomorrow,