My Semi-Fictional Life #88 (Best Audiobook of 2016)

Hello peeps. I listened to far less audiobooks this year than I did in previous years. Mainly because I found so many terrific physical books for a quarter at the local thrift shop, meaning I had a bigger selection of books with which to busy myself with. But I did manage to listen to some awesome stories, so here’s the best of the year.

My choice for audiobook of the year is…


I’m Thinking of Ending Things is not only my choice for audiobook of the year, but one of my favorite audiobooks of all time. Mainly because the book is made for audio. There are clues sprinkled throughout that cannot be put into writing. Plenty of my friends read this book and hated it, and I can see why. But if you have a chance to listen to this book, I highly suggest you do so. Click on the book cover to read my review.

This year’s runner up is…


Many of you will be shocked to see Brandon Sanderson’s Calamity in this runner up spot. Yes, I disliked the first two and a half books, but they had their fun moments. The thing that kept me reading was I wanted to know what Calamity was. My questions were answered, and this final book is without a doubt much better than the first 2.5 books. It’s as if Sanderson the Word Mill held back until this one, or that he wrote the first two novels solely because he wanted to write this one. I dug it very much.  Click on the cover for more information on why. One final note on this series: Had I read these instead of listened to them, I likely never would’ve finished the first book. Sometimes an audiobook can enhance an otherwise shitty experience.

See you tomorrow,