My Semi-Fictional Life #89 (Best Novella 2016!)

Hello peeps. The novella is one of my favorite formats, especially for horror. When done right, as my choices for this year were, you get a full experience in half the time. Sometimes, in a third of the time. In fact, in the case of this year’s winner, I enjoyed the author’s novella more than I have any of his novels that I’ve read.

Winner of Best Novella of 2016 is…


You know what’s still haunting me? Ma Att’s shadow/tail/whatever-the-fuck. Every time I think it’s gone from my brain, there it is again. One of the best written descriptions I’ve read. Every mention of it filled me with dread. Read my review by clicking on the cover image.

This year’s runner up position goes to…


I might sound like a fanboy, but Kealan Patrick Burke can do no wrong when it comes to novellas. This dude has mastered the format. Every time I see he’s dropped a new one, I buy it and devour it. This is not to say his shorts and novels stink. They do not. They rock as well. But my personal preference is his novellas. I have yet to read one that was not, in my opinion, fucking perfect. Click on the cover to read my review.

See you tomorrow,