My Semi-Fictional Life #90 (Book of the Year 2016)

Hello peeps. Today I’ve decided to do a winner and four runner up choices. I read too many great novels this year for me to choose only one second place winner. The runners up are in no order, as I loved each of them equally. But, in the end, I loved one of these novels more than the rest…

Winner of Book of the Year 2016 is…

27833659 (1).jpg

The Glorious Heresies came out of nowhere. I requested the book from Crown Publishing because I dug the neon cover and thought it would look great in my collection. Just the pop my shelves needed, because I’m as much a collector of literature as I am the artform of cover design. I almost didn’t read it. It sat on my shelf for two months before I remembered I was obligated to give it a chance for review. Holy shit am I glad I started it. From first to last page, Lisa McInerney took me through the tumultuous lives of several of Ireland’s less-than-moral citizens. This one barely beat out The Summer That Melted Everything, and only because I loved Karin and Ryan so much. Their fucked up love story sealed the deal and pushed this one into Best of the Year territory. Again, thanks to Crown Publishing for the chance to review this fantastic novel.

This year’s runners up are…

The Summer That Melted Everything, by Tiffany McDaniel


Ham on Rye, by Charles Bukowski


Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell


and GodBomb!, by Kit Power


Clicking on each cover will take you to my review of each book, all except Gone with the Wind. I’m taking my time with that review. Once I finish it, I will link it here, but it’ll be at least a week into 2017 before I get to it. Again, these final four are in no particular order. I loved them all in different-yet-equal ways, and they are the books that made the biggest impression on me this year.

Thanks for joining me,

See you next year!



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      1. It’s actually soured a bit for me; FINDERS KEEPERS is probably my favorite of the three Bill Hodges novels.

        Definitely looking forward to SLEEPING BEAUTIES. The forthcoming novel about Holly, too.

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