My Semi-Fictional Life #93 (I Bought a Couch)

Hello peeps. This post is more for my personal records than it is for fans of the blog. When I first decided to do a blog a day for an entire year, I mainly did it to chronicle all the interesting life events between October 2016 October 2017. This is one of those posts I want to be able to look back on and smile.

Today, I bought my very first couch. I know, I know, it seems strange that a 36 year old man has never before purchased a couch, but it’s true. I’ve only ever been given hand-me-down couches, or I’ve rented them and returned them when I got tired of them or could no longer afford them. This is the first couch I’ve ever purchased outright. It arrives Tuesday.

And, y’all, it’s leather! *squeals and runs away flailing*

My wife suggested we hit up the clearance backroom at one of our local furniture stores, and we found this super-marked-down three-seater that is sexy as fuck. I didn’t think to get a picture of it while we were there, but I will post one when it gets here.

Anyway, I’m stoked. I feel like an adult and shit. Radical.

What was your last major household purchase? Let me know down below.

See you tomorrow,


Pic of the Day

This is a real product…