My Semi-Fictional Life #100 (Dylann Roof is going to die. Good.)

Hello peeps. Usually I take the side of SJWs on the Twitters, but this time, I will be the outsider. I hear you saying Dylann Roof shouldn’t be put to death because he wants to die. I hear ya saying he wants to be a martyr. I hear ya screaming about how it won’t fix systemic racism and all that comes with it. And I agree with you. But keeping him alive won’t fix any of that either. Kill him dead. Kill him with fire and fucking televise it.

I don’t want him to sit in prison getting book deals and having penpal romances. I don’t want to pay for his compassion courses and free room and board. I don’t want to feed this monster like some rescue pet. He wouldn’t suffer in prison. He would be in solitary confinement, watching Duck Dynasty and beating off to Animal Planet. The dude’s been a loner all of his life. Being lonely in a cell would be paradise to him. YOU would be paying for that. It would be like someone came over, shot your mother in the face, and then you locked them in the basement and kept them like a pet. Fuck that. Kill him and make it hurt. Kill him and let the rest of us piss on his dead face.


I wish there was a hell for him to go to. But, since there isn’t, it’s best just to remove him from this one.

See you tomorrow,


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