My Semi-Fictional Life #104 (Construction!)

Hello peeps. Today we started work once more on my office/wife’s studio. Those of you who don’t know, last January, as in January 2016, I hired someone to build me an office. This is what that looks like today:


Then, in late January, my back condition became so bad that I was bedridden and facing permanent paralysis. I had my fifth and supposedly final back surgery that month. Not knowing what the future had in store for my mobility, we pressed pause on the project and turned the office into a storage shed.

Fast forward to January 2017, as in this week, and I’m doing well enough that I feel comfortable sinking funds into this project again. So today construction began again. They got two interior walls insulated and walled and a window put in. You can check out a video tour on my Instagram by clicking HERE.

In truth, Chelle needs this place more than I do. Her YouTube channel has been doing well, and she needs a spot to do her vids without having to worry about interruptions. This place’ll be perfect. But of course it will be nice to get my coffee and go out to the office each morning to write.

Again, because I cannot say it enough, thanks to all of you who have ever purchased my work. None of this would be possible without your support.

*hugs and high fives*

See you tomorrow,


Pic of the Day

Another construction pic…



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